DENVER, CO January 20, 2019—Joshua Deixler, CEO of CBFA Corporation (CBFA), announced today the purchase of New York based business CrossLayer.  CrossLayer provides a converged smart network platform for large campuses and commercial buildings.  The CrossLayer platform enables property managers and owners to support the next generation of Building Management Systems and smart technologies from a single converged and fully managed network.  

The acquisition includes over 30 buildings where CrossLayer has installed their onsite fiber backbone. The majority of these buildings are located in Brooklyn and Manhattan NY with other buildings located in Chicago and Phoenix. In addition CBFA Corporation has assumed ownership of all CrossLayer clients, technologies, fiber assets and network operations. 

The leadership at CBFA Corporation and the key players that spearheaded this acquisition are two former employees of CrossLayer, Joshua Deixler former VP of Product Management and Arlin Bleclic VP Service Management and Network Operations. “Josh and I have been involved with CrossLayer from the founding in 2016 and are excited to take CrossLayer to the next level” says Bleclic CTO, CBFA.  

“Now that this acquisition is complete we are free from the corporate processes and red tape that slowed us down these past few years at CrossLayer. Now, CrossLayer can move quickly and capture opportunities and implement the processes and technologies that we were not able to pursue in the past” says Bleclic CTO, CBFA. 

“CBFA Corporation is in negotiations to acquire several business in Q1 2020 and CrossLayer is a great addition to our portfolio. CBFA will leverage our diverse and expansive resources, subject matter expertise and experience across all of our businesses to provide a better place to work and do business. Simply put, CBFA is Building Better Businesses” says Deixler CEO, CBFA. 

CrossLayer is a managed network services company with a new business model and their patent pending platform for connecting large-scale, state-of-the-art campuses and multi-use developments. CrossLayer delivers technology solutions via a single, software-driven, edge compute platform, enabling property owners and developers to directly deliver inventive technology solutions to tenants and guests, differentiating their properties and providing cost savings. 

With the CrossLayer always available “Network-Backed-by-BlueZone” service and support, CrossLayer is the single point of contact for operating and maintaining large campus networks. By providing proactive field services and support CrossLayer’s converged open platform network eliminates the stress associated with network services. 

About CBFA Corporation 

CBFA Corporation is a special purpose private acquisition and business management company formed for the purpose of effecting mergers or acquisitions with one or more businesses to improve profitability and efficiencies by leveraging operation, technical and financial expertise across all businesses.  

The company’s strategy is to identify and complete its initial business combinations with businesses in the diversified technical and communications sector, which includes, among others, Aerospace & Defense, Home & Building Products, smart Building & Construction, Networking, IoT and Entertainment that stands to benefit from the CBFA Management Team’s experience and operating capabilities. In short CBFA Corporation is Building Better Businesses. 


About Crosslayer  

CrossLayer a division of CBFA Corporation is a managed network services company with a new business model for connecting large-scale, state-of-the-art campuses and multi-use developments. 

CrossLayer delivers technology solutions via a single, software-driven, edge compute platform enabling property owners and developers to directly deliver cutting-edge technology solutions to tenants and guests that differentiates their properties and provides cost savings. This converged network allows tenants, vendors, building management systems and smart technologies to run over one integrated onsite fiber backbone. 


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