CBFA launches LockBoxx network operations management

Lockboxx – www.lockboxx.net

CBFA has launched LockBoxx a network management and operations center focusing on WiFi and Nework access and assurance services in SMART Buildings, large campuses and SMART Cities.

Digital Enviroments enable tangible value. Integrated HVAC and lighting controls can cut energy usage by as much as 40%. IoT-based spatial management can save up to 30% in energy usage. And real-time analytics and advanced services offer an inviting and productive digital experience for occupants; numerous studies show that employees across all generations want to work for digitally enabled companies. Our current clients will benefit from our access to the pulse of their BMS.

“LockBoxx will be a great compliment to our future plans for the CBFA Corporation family of companies.” says Joshus Deixler CEO CBFA Corporation.

“Our integrated design and management approach brings the knowledge and expertise needed to help clients create smart digital; buildings, campuses, communities, farms and cities. Working alongside our architects and engineers, our technology experts take an integrated approach to design focused on each client’s digital strategy and its relation to real estate. The result is a fully integrated SMART Digial solution that simplifies building and IoT systems management, reduces operational costs and drives business productivity.” says Arlin Bleclic CTO CBFA Corporation.

LockBokk LockBoxx.net – The term “digital environment” encompasses a set of solutions that optimizes the experience of occupants, staff and management through the integration of architecture, engineering and technology. It harnesses Internet of Things (IoT) data and leverages Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology to create an expansive network that can power and share data between various building systems. Instead of looking at each system as an individual element, it looks at all systems as a unified whole — allowing cognitive computing to power people-centric spaces.

For more information visit www.lockboxx.net

CBFA Corporation is a special purpose private acquisition and business management company formed for the purpose of effecting mergers or acquisitions with one or more businesses for the purpose of leveraging operation, technical, financial and expertise across all businesses. 

The company’s strategy is to identify and complete its initial business combination with a business in the diversified technical and communications sector, which includes, among others, Aerospace & Defense, Home & Building Products, SMART Building & Construction, Networking, IoT and Entertainment that stands to benefit from the CBFA Management Team’s experience and operating capabilities.

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